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Brand Collaborations

Instagram collaborations and promotional posts have become a great way to showcase product in a creative way. Additionally, it gives the opportunity to support good causes, raise awareness and support certain movements and campaigns. Over the past 4 years, Nikita has successfully been growing her following  

which offered her opportunities to create interesting and engaging content for and in collaboration with brands. There are various ways of doing so and more information on different collaboration options is provided in the descriptions below.

Previous Brand Collaborations 


Social Media Design

Concepts & Consultation

Aside from being one of the faces of the brand Eyeko for their campaign, Nikita designed some social media content for the brand. The key was to achieve more engagement by using fun on-brand memes, boomerangs and gifs as well as featuring posts of fans of the brand who use the products.

The slightly desaturated theme was deliberate, as Eyeko products are for the eyes only and it took the focus away from other makeup products that were also used for the look.  

Interviews /


Interviews & Social Media Campaigns are a great way to connect with the intended audience of consumers and create a story. Putting product in an interesting context and associating it with a particular person allows to build depth and integrity around the brand and is more exciting to a online following than just posts of the lookbook shots. Below are two examples of creative 

collaborations with Nobody's Child and LaLa Berlin.

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